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Looking to start a business? Don't know whether to incorporate federally or provincially? What are directors and who can be officers of a Canadian company?

Amskor Law can answer all these questions and more! We will assist you in the incorporation of your company and provide you with all the legal intel and tailoring needed to prepare your corporate legal documents and your internal business structure.

Incorporation is a legal process that involves the creation of an independent legal entity that is recognized by the Canadian government. A corporation has the same rights as a person and is considered a separate legal entity. Corporations are the most common business structure in Canada and for good reason; incorporating your business can reduce your tax burden, limit your personal liability, give your business a strong foundation to build on, and more.

If you choose Amskor Law, here is what your Incorporation Package will include:

  • Minute Book
  • Articles & Certificate of Incorporation
  • Corporate By-Laws
  • Corporate Resolutions of Shareholders and Directors
  • Share Certificates
  • Share Subscriptions
  • Shareholder Registers
  • Director Registers
  • Officer Registers
  • Shareholder Ledgers
  • Filing of Form 1 Initial Returns
  • Corporate Name Search (Nuans Reports)
  • Corporate Business Number (BN)
  • Business Identification Number (BIN)

Incorporation is the start of every good business. We've built a robust Incorporation Guide where you can learn more about the benefits, process, price, and requirements.


Book a 15 minute consultation with Amskor Law and let us help you set up a corporation that is perfect for your business.

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