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In order to complete a variety of changes or add-ons to your company you need to register specific documents to the provincial and federal government. Such things that require these changes include, but not limited to,:

  • registration of Ontario Business license to allow your business to operate and perform specific services within the province;

  • registration of trade names and trademarks which will permit your business to market your company name within a specific province;

  • registration of extra-provincial licenses which will permit your business operate in different provinces within Canada;

  • registration of a corporation’s notice of change, which will inform the appropriate governmental body the necessary changes made to your business; and

  • registration of your company’s required Annual Returns to fulfill your legal obligations and inform the appropriate governmental body of your continued operations of your business.


Amskor Law will make sure any of your required filings and registrations will be completed properly to avoid penalties or other consequences from the Canadian government.


Book a 15 minute consultation with Amskor Law and let us help you set up a corporate and government registrations for your business.

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