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Our Practice Areas

At Amskor Law, we are deeply committed to servicing individuals who are ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship or already have a business and need a lawyer who understands their business model and their industry.


Amskor Law is dedicated to practicing law in a unique way, where forming and maintaining professional relationships are our main focus. Here are some of the industries where our firm has specialized knowledge in creating and developing businesses within the Canadian market: 

Health Practitioners

Retail & Wholesalers

Engineers & Architects

Lawyers, Accountants, & Business Coaches

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Restaurant, Café, Coffee Shop Industry

Fitness, Dance, & Yoga Studio Industry

Insurance Brokers

Manufacturing, Transportation, & Warehousing Industry

Marketing Specialists & Social Media Influencers

Emerging Technology, Crypto, Blockchain, & Metaverse Asset Industry

Online Entrepreneurs 


Companies across many sectors continuously face challenges to pursue their growth targets and business goals. Navigating shifting legal and corporate landscapes are only a few of the factors entrepreneurs face each day. 

Whether our clients are forming a new businesses, expanding, integrating, or optimizing operations, they turn to us to provide the legal guidance they need. You will benefit from our depth of understanding in the business sector, our  strong personalized services, and our passion to make sure you get the best ;egal products available. 

Amskor Law has worked with many clients on their "first-ever" transactions and have also serviced sophisticated and experienced entrepreneurs with their legal needs. We focus our efforts to give you the most efficient and effective legal solutions to your challenges. 

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Guest Speaking Service

Amskor Law can give an expert lecture on business and the legal basics. Our firm has informed businesses and entrepreneurs by speaking at seminars, lectures, and one-to-one sessions. We will provide your guests with all the information they will need need to get started and be legally protected! 

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