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Amskor Law Professional Corporation (collectively “Amskor Law,” “our,” “we,” or “us”) is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy, confidentiality, accuracy, and security that may be in our possession. We comply with the Canada Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), the Law Society of Ontario’s Rules of Professional Conduct, and the local governing laws applicable in the various provinces in which we operate. Amskor Law’s compliance applies to all partners, employees, contractors, and agents in providing legal services to our clients. Therefore, any personal data in our possession or that we collect is protected by solicitor-client privilege.


In this notice, Amskor Law will explain how we collect, share, and use your personal information. If you would like to learn more about our client confidentiality obligations, please refer to our terms of engagement.


Please note that Amskor Law reserves the right to modify or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time.


Who we are


Amskor Law is a professionally incorporated law firm located in Ontario, Canada. Amskor Law controls the collection and processing of any personal data you provide us about this website or while delivering our services. Where services are provided to you by other entities in association with the Amskor Law (including affiliates providing non-legal services), the entity providing the service will be responsible for your personal data. This notice applies to all such entities.

Personal data that Amskor Law collects


"Personal Data" is any information that relates to you and that identifies you either directly or indirectly from that information. Any Personal Data that Amskor Law collects, and how Amskor Law collects your Personal Data, will be dependent upon how you interact with us. Categories of Personal Data that we collect include:


  • Biographical information such as employer information, job title, photograph and video or audio content, and identification data (including the Personal Data of any relevant third parties) for any purposes of business processes;

  • Contact information such as name, email address, home, office, and business address, telephone number, cellular phone number, fax number, device IDs, and intellectual property addresses;

  • Marketing, communication preferences, and related information such as meal preferences, feedback, and survey responses;

  • Billing and financial information such as billing address, bank account, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, payment information, security code numbers, and any data necessary for processing payments and fraud prevention;

  • Information needed to company with any legal purposes, such as information about relevant and significant litigation or other legal proceedings against you, Amskor Law, or a third party related to you and interaction with you which may be relevant for this purpose;

  • Website passwords for the Amskor Law website or other password-protected platforms or services where you have one. We will also collect information about how you use the Amskor Law website so that we can improve your experience;

  • Your cellular and mobile application use and details on how you access these applications;

  • Any information you provide to any cellular and mobile applications by completing registration or application forms; or when you contact Amskor Law, such as reporting an issue or asking a question with Amskor Law’s mobile applications or online services;

  • Special categories of Personal Data such as race and ethnicity, trade union membership, political opinions, religious beliefs, or information regarding your health to identify and be considerate of any disabilities or special dietary requirements you may have;

  • Details of your visits and attendance at Amskor Law’s premises or any other location where Amskor Law hosts events or seminars;

  • Your personal preferences where it is relevant to legal services that Amskor Law provides;

  • Information relating to children or regarding criminal matters;

  • Any public information collected from publicly available resources, integrity databases, and credit agencies; and

  • Any additional information, including personal and business information, needed from time to time, such as Personal Data about your membership of a professional or trade association or union, health Personal Data.

Personal Data Amskor Law collects directly from you


Amskor Law collects Personal Data directly from you as follows:


  • At any time, sign up to receive Amskor Law or any of Amskor Law affiliates’ news, blog, and promotional services and emails, use a toolkit, or register for one of Amskor Law’s online services, we will ask you to provide your contact and other relevant information;

  • At any time you register to attend one of Amskor Law’s events, we will ask you to provide your contact and other relevant information;

  • At any time you use or access Amskor Law’s website or one of our online services, we collect information about your visit and how you interact with our website;

  • At any time a client of Amskor Law uses the firm’s legal services, we will request the client his/her/their personal and business information required to provide such services. The required information may include: contact information details, billing information details, information needed to conduct a conflict of interest and pre-clearance check, personal information and data (including social insurance numbers), and any other information required to perform the services we provide; for example when we advise on a business transaction or represent a client in the organization of their company; and

  • When you apply for a job with Amskor Law, we will ask you for information relevant to your application.


If you provide information to Amskor Law about another person, you must ensure that you comply with any legal obligations that may apply to you and allow us, where necessary, to share that information with our service providers.


Information Amskor Law collects from third parties


Most of the Personal Data that Amskor Law collects about you will be information you directly and voluntarily provide us. We may, in addition, receive information about you from:


  • our clients;

  • international, federal, provincial, and municipal public entities, for example, the Ontario Business Registry System;

  • regulatory bodies;

  • credit reference agencies; and

  • other companies that provide services to us.


Some of these third-party sources may include publicly available sources of information.


Amskor Law receives data about you from Google Analytics, an analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies and other means to help us collect and analyze how our website and social media users use our site.


Information and Data Amskor Law may collect automatically


When you visit our website and social media pages, including but not limited to Amskor Law’s Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn pages, we automatically collect, store and use technical information about your equipment and interaction with our website and social media pages. This information is sent from your computer to us using various cookies.


Why Amskor Law may collect, use, and disclose Personal Data


We may collect, disclose, or use Personal Data for the following reasons:


  • To person conflict of interest searches and determine whether Amskor Law can or will enter into a professional relationship with you;

  • To exercise, to our best ability, client communication;

  • To provide services to you and others, if applicable or retained;

  • To provide legal advice to you, others, and our clients and provide legal representation for you and others in a transaction if retained as our client;

  • To perform our administrative responsibilities;

  • To maintain information about potential employees or clients;

  • To collect and use the Personal Data of our employees for administration purposes;

  • For the use of legal precedents;

  • For billing and accounting services relating to Amskor Law’s services;

  • To send and advise you, our clients, and others of our courses, notices, seminars, special events, conferences, and newsletters, and to make them aware of our legal services;

  •  To send and communicate with you and others to send greetings, gifts, and cards from our firm;

  • For any other reasons for which we have your consent;

  • For other purposes as permitted or required by applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to complying with legal and regulatory requirements such as Anti-Money Laundering;

  • To gather and review evidence that is relevant to legal issues affecting our clients or us; and

  • Any other reason that may be required and is permitted by law.


How Amskor Law use your Personal Data


Amskor Law is committed to using your Personal Data lawfully and within reason.

In accordance with the Federal laws of Canada, we are permitted to use your Personal Data if we receive your consent or another legally permitted reason applies. Such permitted uses include: fulling a contract with you, providing legal services for you, complying with our legal duty, or when it is in our legitimate business interest to use your Personal Data.


We do not sell client lists or Personal Data to others.


Please email if you have any questions about how we collect and use your Personal Data. 


Disclosure of Personal Data


We may disclose, with your consent, Personal Data to third parties when we engage them in the course of providing you with legal services. Amskor Law will not disclose more information than is reasonably necessary, which is disclosing your Personal Data. We will only disclose your Personal Data without your consent where it is permitted or required by law.

How Amskor Law protects your personal information and data


We protect your Personal Data and implement appropriate technical precautions and organizational security measures to protect such information.


We have an information security management system in place to protect your Personal Data, which protects our files and any information held within those files, accessible only through a password-protected virtual private network. All our employees, officers, and company members are trained only to collect and disclose personal information when necessary to fulfill our client’s needs and in accordance with this privacy policy statement. It is our duty, however, to bring to your awareness of potential risks when providing Personal Data through emails, text messages, fax messages and voice messages. Email, text messages, fax messages, and voice messages are not secure mediums, and you should be aware of this when contacting us to send personal or confidential information.


Amskor Law uses multiple service providers to operate our business and provide you with legal services. Such services include but are not limited to, cloud-based practice management software, registry and information management service providers, government online or in-person registry systems, storage companies, couriers, process servers, search houses, building security, building management, and cleaners. These providers have limited access to certain personal information that is collected and must agree to protect your personal information in accordance with privacy policies similar to this one.

Consent to use Personal Data


Prior to providing your Personal Data to us, you will be asked to consent to Amskor Law’s use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy statement. We manage your consent and Personal Data as described in this statement.


By submitting your information to Amskor Law via our website, social media platforms, email, text messages, or fax messages, you signify your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Policy.


If you provide Amskor Law with Personal Data regarding any other individual, you acknowledge and represent that, prior to providing such information, you have independently obtained the necessary consent to permit Amskor Law to collect, use and disclose such Personal Data for the purposes set out within this Privacy Policy or otherwise applicable by law.


Privacy legislation within Canada may require Amskor Law to acquire an individual’s consent for collecting, using, or disclosing information. Such received consent must be ‘express consent,’ regardless of how it is obtained. Express consent includes but is not limited to permission provided in writing through e-mail communication, approval received verbally in person, or consent issued over the telephone.


Providing us with your Personal Data will be your decision. However, once you provide your Personal Data to Amskor Law, this will be perceived as your express consent to our collection, utilization, and disclosure to appropriate third parties of such Personal Data for the purpose of this privacy policy. You also authorize us to utilize and retain the Personal Data for as long as it may be required. In addition, your consent will remain valid even after the termination of our relationship with you unless you provide us with written notice that such authorization is withdrawn.


As a law firm based within Ontario, there are times when Amskor Law will not need to obtain consent or explain the purposes for the collection, use, or disclosure of Personal Data, such as situations where we must comply with a court order or an emergency occurs where a that the life, health or security of an individual is threatened.

Retaining your Personal Data


As a law firm, we are required by the Law Society of Ontario and our insurers to maintain specific Personal Data for some time for various reasons. However, Amskor Law will not keep your Personal Data for any longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the Personal Data was collected, to comply with any legal, regulatory, or reporting obligations or to assert or defend against legal claims.


Questions and Concerns


If you require any information on our privacy practices, please contact us at:

Amskor Law Professional Corporation
23 Lesmill Road, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M3B 3P6
Tel: 416.282.7187
Fax: 416.900.6872

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