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A partnership is a form of a business arrangement in which two or more individuals decided to carry on business together in pursuit of a profit. Partners can pool their individual resources together and share the risks to meet their goals.

It is very easy to enter into a partnership, without even realizing you have already done so – in fact, a great deal of issues are formed when individuals unintentionally have formed this legal arrangement and now must deal with the consequences of entering into one.

Whether you are confused of whether you have already formed a partnership, what type of partnership you have entered into, or you want to proceed with constructing a partnership by signing into a Partnership Agreement, Amskor Law is equipped and ready to assist. You need someone on your team who is well versed in the laws and regulations of the province regarding partnerships, should you choose to enter one or exist out of one. Our firm will be your team member who will make sure your legal protection is priority.


Book a 15 minute consultation with Amskor Law and let us be part of your team.

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