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Legal Peace of Mind For
Businesses & Corporations

Amskor Law firm is dedicated to providing corporate and business clients alike with the highest quality of services in corporate and commercial law. We tailor our practice and our approach to be your external in-house counsel for your every business need. From starting your company, to development, and finally to world wide domination. 

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Your business is the key to your financial independence and you need a dedicated law team who understands your needs– as well as the bigger process. Our corporate law specialists will provide you with the clarity and insights that you need to start and grow your company to its' ultimate potential.


Through our one-on-one conversations and tailored corporate law services that are geared towards meeting your business' unique needs, our team is committed to protecting you through each step of your entrepreneurship journey.

Not sure where to begin? You're not alone. ​Our executive packages can help take out some of the guesswork.  We offer flexible legal service packages for those small business owners that simply need some occasional guidance, or those that are just looking for someone to set them up for success.

Launch Your

New Business

Every start-up and emerging company faces a wide range of issues and legal requirements. As your startup lawyer, we guide and support you throughout the process of establishing a formal business, through a deep understanding of the market and strategic counsel.

This packages is designed for clients who are at the early-stages of their business and require the necessary legal structures and documents to get off the ground.

Expand or Develop Your Business

Your company is already set up, and your are at the stage where you are ready to take business to the next level by raising funds and getting all your legal contracts in order. With this package we have you covered.


If you want to add an investor, an employee, independent contractors, or want to build out your service agreements - Amskor Law can help with this Expand and Develop Your Business executive deal.

Receive General Counsel 

If your business routinely enters into agreements with customers, clients, or other businesses, or your company has employees and/or independent contractors, then the Customize General Counsel executive package is right for you. We will act as your general counsel, providing regular advice on the issues that arise in your business.

Amskor Law is your one-stop shop, providing strategic legal advice for the business transactions that support your sustained growth and future business plans.



Do you know exactly the service you want? Or are you unsure of what you need moving forward? Contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours to set up an official consultation. We will figure out how Amskor Law can help you.


Once we receive your contact information, we will connect with  you as soon as possible and set up a 15 minute consultation. Here, we will determine your needs and provide a customized legal solution.


Finally, after our consultation, Amskor Law will send you an email with our quote and suggestions of next steps. Once you decide to retain our firm, Amskor Law will take care of the rest– it's that easy!

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Amskor Law can give an expert lecture on business and the legal basics. Our firm has informed businesses and entrepreneurs by speaking at seminars, lectures, and one-to-one sessions. We will provide your guests with all the information they will need need to get started and be legally protected! 

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